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Well it took longer than expected but it's finally done - The River Keeps on Flowing album is a reality. Wow, who'd a thunk it? 63 year old river outfitter and guide abandons raft to become a published musical author. Not quite as nerve racking as running Lava Falls on the Colorado, but a close second. Thing is, running Lava only takes a minute and this project took years of practicing, writing and 9 months to record going to the studio once a week. I'm thrilled that people are digging this music! 


Of course there are many people in my tribe that made this possible. Not only the great musical talents who climbed on board, but some 30 other beautiful people who contributed funding in addition to my own resources. We're talking community here and I'm humbled by the faith others have put in me, enough to gamble their hard earned money on this Skinny White Boy. Now of course the task is to promote it and get it selling, I've got an uphill climb ahead of me but I'm thrilled at the results that this labor of love will be rewarding no matter the economic outcome.




After 40 years of navigating whitewater rivers professionally, I figure I'm an expert by anyone's standards. I am not however, an expert at the music business. I do know there's hundreds of thousands of people making music beyond what gets promoted by the traditional music industry.  It's clear that only a small fraction of writers and performers actually make a living at it.



In theory, the internet is changing the music industry, leveling the playing field and making it possible for thousands of Indie artists to get their music heard and maybe sell some songs. These days however,  it seems everybody and their Cocker Spaniel is making a CD! (I'm one of them!) The music industry used to act as a filter and

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