The River Keeps on Flowing

by Casey Garland

Released November 15, 2014
Released November 15, 2014
Rivers are everywhere and they are the life blood of our planet. Like the ever changing temperament of moving waters, the River of Life runs mild to wild and everything in between. These songs are performed in a variety of styles, just as rivers are different.
  • 04:01 Story Lyrics Get Outside!

    Get Outside!  Casey Garland

    You got stress and life’s a mess

    Feel like you’re swimming upstream

    Times are tough and it’s enough

    To make you scream


    Other people making your choices

    Feel like you’re losing control

    All the doors are closed, and life just blows

    Are you ready for a change of scene?



    I’ll take you to the river

    Yes, I’ll take you for a ride

    I’ll take you to the river

    See the light shine in your eyes



    Never lose your sense of adventure

    All ways let your spirit fly

    Have some fun and get outside



    Spending plenty and feeling empty

    Affluenza got you on the run?

    Tied up in knots, seems you forgot

    How to have some fun


    You can’t sit still for moment

    You get bored so easily

    There’s so much more

    Let go of the shore

    and head downstream



    Carried along by the current

    Trees swaying in the breeze

    Floating sure beats swimming

    up against the stream


    Laughing and you’re feeling good

    That smile looks good on you

    Next time the blues come calling

    You’ll remember what to do


    Always chose it, don’t lose it

    You never know what you will find

    There’s so much more when you

    Get outdoors and

    Discover peace of mind



    Never lose your sense of adventure

    All ways let your spirit fly

    Have some fun and get out, yes

    Take someone and Lord work it out

    Have some fun and get outside.

  • 03:48 Story Lyrics 31-33

    31 -33  Casey Garland


    Thirty one - thirty three,   they don’t make pants for me

    Thirty two - thirty four, my cuffs are draggin’ on the floor

    Thirty one - thirty three,  Skinny White Boy yeah that’s me.


    When I ask girls for a date, they don’t even hesitate whoa

    They point me to the door, “don’t you come calling here no more”

    Now I don’t know what to do, way down south I’m feeling blue.


    I’m a slender Caucasian of the male persuasion

    I don’t bark and  I don’t bite.

    Still got my teeth and hair, just not no derrière’

    Can’t help it if I was born slight.


    Now I’ve been lonely way too long. So I signed up – Match dot com

    Twelve hundred women looked to see. One BIG gal she wrote to me.

    So I sat down wrote this song.   Doctor Phil you got it wrong.


    Thirty one – thirty three, I think it’s plain to see

    That I’m truly in a funk, maybe I should be a monk.

    Pull the blinds and lock the door, I just can’t take it anymore


    I’m a slender Caucasian of the male persuasion

    I don’t bark and  I don’t bite.

    Still got my teeth and hair, just not no derrière’

    Can’t help it if I was born slight.


    I think I will unplug the phone, she will call I won’t be home

    I’ll be downtown drinking gin, not pumpin’ iron at the gym

    That’s the last you’ll hear from me.  Thirty one – thirty three.

    Thirty one - thirty three  Skinny White Boy yeah that's me.









  • 06:01 Story Lyrics Chinook

    Chinook   Casey Garland

      Free flowin' driftin' away, Wild rivers lets’ keep them that way

     So many rivers to run and so little time

     I was sitting by the river at the break of day,

     Pondered my existence in the usual way

     I was fishing for answers and  rainbow trout

     Trying to understand what it's all about,  I

     Breathed in the morning, smelled the coffee brew

     Sat for a spell,  and watched the morning dew

     disappear like the moment in the warmth of a golden sunrise.


     It seems to me, these rivers are the life blood of our planet

     We need to keep them clean from our debris

     Salmon need a place to breed and flourish while they’re able

     Will they ever return?  When will we ever learn?   Next it may be our turn


    Free flowin' driftin' away,       Wild rivers lets'  keep them that way

    We can't improve them, best thing,  is just leave them alone.

    How long will it go on this way?    Soon or later we'll have to pay

    We raped the ocean and poison the stream

    Plastic in the ocean it’s so obscene

    And now we argue and we debate,  Everybody's knows just what's at stake

    I fear it may already be too late


    It's clear to me, out in the sea,     it's capture all you're able

    What will we leave generations yet to come?

    Salmon need recovery and absence from our table, oh

    Will they ever return?     When will we ever learn?  Next it may be our turn 


    Free flowin' driftin' away,      Wild rivers let's keep them that way

    If we act now, collectively      We can avoid catastrophe

    and once again the mighty kings,         will spawn upstream

    And run to the sea      Please let them be,       let them run





  • 05:00 Story Lyrics The River Keeps on Flowing

    THE RIVER KEEPS ON FLOWING  Rob Lynch, Casey Garland, George Merrill

    For perhaps 5 billion years or more

    the world has been a changing

    Nothing is for good or bad

    just constant rearranging

    But as it has and always will keep

    the world around it growing

    In it’s own magic, peaceful way

    the river  keeps on flowing, the river keeps on flowing


    Born of Ocean Mother and Father Sky

    we sprout up like a creek

    And spend our lives in search of love

    with eyes designed to seek

    Sometimes life mirrors the river grand

    calm water and rapids steep

    I only need to look around and

    find what’s right to keep, my eyes equipped to seek

    Around us now it’s cold outside

    on the river ice is growing                      

    But in its silent, determined way

    the river keeps on flowing, the river keeps on flowing


    Learn we must as life evolves

    whitewater seems like a test

    Excitement makes the zest of life

    then quiet resolves to rest

    My world has had its ups and downs

    but with you I just keep going

    Like the river in our lives today

    my love for you keeps growing, and the river keeps on flowing


    In one short year as seasons changed

    we’ve lived through joy and strife

    There’s no one I’d rather spend time with

    darling please be my wife

    We may never travel the world around

    our wealth may not be gold

    But if the waters inside us merge

    our love will surely flow

    For as it has and always will

    with stars up high a glowing

    In its’ own magic, peaceful way

    the river keeps on flowing,  the river keeps on flowing


    Copyright 2000 Rob Lynch, Casey Garland, George Merrill




  • 03:39 Story Lyrics River Afternoon

    RIVER AFTERNOON  Casey Garland, Steve Modameyer 

     Floating down this River on a summer day

     singing out this happy song

     All the clouds have drifted out of sight    

     sun is shining, wind is calm

     Yeah  we're driftin' on this River after-noon                  

     Oh, lazy,  warm and gentle afternoon  

     Osprey soar above us, we drift below in graceful motion

     In harmony,       nothin' matters,   today we're  free

     I’ll just keep on singing   this  melody 

     la la la la la la


     Now we're driftin' on this River after-noon

     Oh, lazy  warm and gentle afternoon           

     Osprey soar above us, we drift below in graceful motion

     To the sea, ain’t got no worries,  I  feel  free

     I’ll just keep on singing     this melody     

     la la la la la la 

     Ahhh Ahhh OOhhh










  • 04:36 Story Lyrics Being with You

    Being with you   Casey Garland

    Some people live in disguise                           

    They wander into our lives

    So hard to choose

    Until I met you.


    You looked at me with those eyes.

    I started to tremble inside

    Somehow I knew

    I’d be here with you


    We’ll share our special time

    Gaze into each other’s eyes

    Along the way our love will surely grow

    No one knows what’s around the bend    

    We’ll work it out and in the end                               

    We’ll share a love that’s rare and known by few

    Darling,   Darling


    There’s nothing I would rather do

    Than spend my time being with you.


    It’s springtime and it’s warm outside

    Let’s head out to the riverside

    Together we’ll be       

    Just you and me


    Laughing in the summer sun      

    Days like this are so much fun

    So happy and free         

    Just you and me. 


    Now in the autumn of our lives 

    I’ll remember all the special times

    That we went through

    Just me and you  

    I love the way I feel today

    I know that you will always stay 

    Together with me  

    Just you and me


    We’ll share more special time

    Gaze into each other’s eyes    

    And hold on to this feeling rain or shine

    No one knows what’s around the bend

    We’ll work it out and in the end

    We’ll share a love that’s rare and known by few.         

    Darling,  Darling 


    There’s nothing I would rather do

    Than spend my life being with you.         

    There’s nothing I would rather do   

    I’m so in love, being with you.



  • 04:11 Story Lyrics #%it Happens

    #%IT HAPPENS!   Casey Garland


    Each and every one of us, we've had those times of doubt. 

    When things are bad and then get worse, you think there's no way out.

    Regardless of our circumstance we share this bumpy ride.

    It happens, that's for certain, life is a wild ride.


    Some people try to hide it and pretend they have no fear.

    Some people they get lost in work, some people just drink beer

    Rich or poor, when all is lost, we start that downhill slide well

    It happens, that's for certain, just like that ocean tide.


    It happens to Kings and Queens and

    girls like me in old blue jeans

    This life is cruel or so it seems

    When it happens to you…


    Like a river's song when spring turns on,  that current starts to flow

    you are strong, can't do no wrong, no matter where you go.

    Good times are here, the water’s high, everything is oh so right.

    You're laughing and you're feeling good, hey you're standing in the light.


    It happens that for certain, life is a wild ride.


    It happens to Kings and Queens and

    guys like me in old blue jeans

    This life is cruel or so it seems

    When it happens to you…                         


    When autumn breeze lays bare the trees, and light begins to fade

    Now the river's low, she's lost her flow, and soon you start to wade

    When you fall in and lose that grin, hey you’re not going too far

    It happens and you’re sinking down at the ‘gravel bar’


    So when you're down as you can be, remember it's all chemistry.

    Your best friend is in your head, take good care or you’ll wind up dead.

    For as the river flows to the sea,  it's a long and winding ride.


    It happens that's for certain,                just like the ocean tide.

    It happens that's for certain,                Life is a wild ride.



  • 04:28 Story Lyrics Does the Wet Suit You?

    Does the Wet Suit You?  Casey Garland


    Took a little trip just the other day.

    Played hooky from work and got out of the fray.     

    Drove out to the mountains, got on a river trip.   

    Smelled the evergreens, I heard that river rip-pin' by my o my


    I’ve dreamed about floating and now it was time.

    "Great  adrenaline hit."  said a buddy of mine.

    Squeezed into a wetsuit, then I had to hit the can.

    We looked like a “waddle” of Penguin clan.      

    Our guide yelled "listen up! If you don't want to die."

    I looked at my girlfriend, she was ready to cry.

    He told us all about the things that we should do

    Cause we didn't know what we were gettin' into.


    Does the wet suit you?  Do you love it under skies so blue?

    Does the wet suit you?    When the water is thrashin',  leaping up and crashin’

    Looking’ like it wants to swallow you. Does the wet suit you?  


    It only seemed to take a rapid or two

    In no time at all, yeah, we looked like a crew.

    Blastin' through the rapids,turning left and right

    Adrenaline hit, Hey! my buddy was right. 

    By the end of the day I just wanted to stay,

    Having fun I was locked in the groove.

    Righteous scenery was blowing my mind.

    Can't recall ever having such a good time.

    We had serious fun and tipped our guide.

    Man, he really gave us one hell of a ride.

    Started out about to freak, now I'll be back next week,

    I'll buy a T-Shirt and a CD too!


    Does the wet suit you?   Do you love it when the water is cool?

    Does the wet suit you? When the river's stimulatin', your heart's palpitatin'

    and you just got to paddle on through.

    Does the wet suit you?  Do you love it when your lips turn blue?

    Does the wet suit you?  If it rains and you're ecstatic, you're a whitewater addict

    Looking’ for some river to do

    Then the wet suits you and

    When the wet suits you.  Only one thing to do

    When the wet suits you, grab your rubber tuxedo, riding rapids is your credo

    and head out for the river nearest you.

    Does the wet suit you?  Does the wet suit you?   Does the wet suit you?


  • 05:45 Story Lyrics Desolation Sounds

    Desolation Sounds   Casey Garland

     We are all so different, yet very much the same

    The adventure continues, no matter what your name

    So much responsibility in everything we choose                                          

    So many possibilities, sometimes I get confused


    There comes a time when, I’ve just got to go

    Leave behind those old familiar roads

    I go out where it’s hard to be found

    Somewhere out there…  Desolation Sounds


    We are still evolving blessed with a clever mind

    Planted in this garden, given only so much time       

    I’ve tried nearly everything to make good feelings stay

    Still I feel empty when my dreams they go astray


    There comes a time when I’ve just got to go

    Leave behind familiar things I know

    I go out where the source is all around

    Only in lonely... Desolation Sounds


    We are connected to the sound

    It’s a sound that’s heard the world ‘round

    Somewhere out there Desolation Sounds


    I can sail to the islands, taste the salty ocean breeze 

    Run rivers through the forest, deep in the evergreens.

    Sunrise paints a desert sky, purple, red and gold                                          

    Thunder calls and water falls, a glory to behold


    It is all such a splendid mystery

    The more we know, the more there is to see

    When I feel lost and I’m looking to be found

    I get out somewhere far away from town

    I go to where the beauty is profound

    Somewhere near you, only in lonely, somewhere out there

    Desolation Sounds     


    We are connected to the sound

    It’s a sound that’s heard the world ‘round

    Somewhere out there Desolation Sounds

     Get on out of town, you can feel it all around you

    Only out there Desolation Sounds





  • 04:40 Story Casey's Homemade Jam
  • 10:12 Story Lyrics Colorado Roll On - a Grand Canyon Suite

    Colorado Roll On - a Grand Canyon Suite  Casey Garland

    In late August, the monsoon rains return to the parched desert

    of the American Southwest.

    Above the rim of Grand Canyon, storm clouds gather like giant herds of

     buffalo ready to stampede across the sky.

    In the meadows, high atop the Colorado plateau, much needed rain soaks the

    land. Soon, small rivulets of water form and gather together, each contributing

    to the other, growing stronger as they meander inevitably toward the canyon.


    Familiar and worn from erosion, the water's path merges brooks into streams,

    protected from evaporation. Sometimes at rest in rising pools, at times swiftly

    falling, the rain of the monsoon sky carves and courses ever onward, deeper

    into the canyon.


    Passing through layered stone formations, a billion years old or more, water,

    life giving water, has been this way before. Scouring the canyon walls and

    blending with larger creeks, it seems the Colorado River is calling them home.

    Adventurous souls, deep inside the canyon, watch streaks of rain spilling from

    the clouds evaporate, long before reaching the river. Suddenly random spouts

    and water falls appear, cascading over the rims and creeks gush out from side


    Thunder calls and water falls a glory to behold.


    It has been this way since the canyon was formed. The desert is a harsh

    place. Only the hardiest people dared live here, like the tenacious plants that

    somehow survive. Eventually the ancient ones went away. Like everything

    else that exists, everything changes with time.

    But the Colorado rolls on. It is the Canyon's song. Destined for the Sea of

    Cortez, the walls of the Canyon that rise so grandly above the mighty river,

    stand as testament to its journey.


    In the bottom of Grand Canyon

    Feeling small as a grain of sand.

    Surrounded by a work of time,   

    not made by human hand.

    This  place of speechless wonder

    has a power all it's own.

    I feel humble reverie, 

    in cathedrals carved of stone.


    We've all become so caught up,

     in our daily working time

     No wonder when we journey here, 

     it surely clears the mind.

     Pretense fades each passing mile, 

     so far away from home.

    There's healing in a simple smile

    There's time to be alone.


     Shadows in the moonlight dance upon the sand 

     Magic in the gentle weight of an unseen hand

     Power in the river’s flow, faces in the stone     

     Voices in the echoes when you

     thought you were alone


     Grand Canyon is a magic place,

     you can run but you can't hide.

     It will wash the mask right off your face

    and open you up wide.

    These hallowed walls speak silently

    Majestic pastel  artistry

    Rolling thunder in the corridor

    Nature's endless symphony

    Colorado roll on, it’s a Canyon song













  • 04:03 Story Lyrics Magic's in the Music

    Magic’s in the Music  Casey Garland


    Music is a mystery, it’s a gift to you and me

    Cause even on a good day, life can be hard

    Like someone making eyes at you, they'll lift you up out of the blues

    Magic’s in the music hey yeah

    all over the world


    Music is great therapy, gets you high so naturally

    Like that old time rock and roll lightens up your soul

    Good as a roll in the hay, you’ll be dancing those blues away

    Magic’s in the music

    hey yeah all over the world


    Music is my remedy,it’s the thing that sets me free now baby

    there’s just something about that beat, people start moving their feet

    So play a little air guitar, pretend you are a superstar

    Magic’s in the music

    no matter wherever you are


    Magic’s in the music

    hey yeah all over the world

    Magic’s in the music

    hey yeah all over the world

    Magic’s in the music

    hey yeah all over the world



  • 06:39 Story Lyrics Insight Out

    Insight Out    Casey Garland


    In the innocence of my youth, thought I had a clue

    Ready for the journey, I struck out for the truth

    I was working on my dreams, when I was just a teen            


    Climbed on board, took hold of the oars

    pulled into the stream

    The currents were strong, I did some things wrong.

    Looking back I was pretty green


    In time I found safe routes to take

    which clinging holes to miss.

    In mid-stream now, I'm halfway home.

    I’ve learned from suffering and bliss


    Insight out, Insight out


    Tried to shape the future, change the world outside of me

    Seldom swam below the surface, where the river's running deep

    When I dove down inside those deep and lonely river blues,

    Crying out for mercy, love you gave another clue


    The universal law of thought, creation from our dreams

    Rises to the surface, good, bad and in-between

    Ecstasy or misery, we shape our sub-routine                


    Insight out, Insight out


    Tonight I'll stay in the wilderness, on a moon lit river bar

    Once again I'll sleep outside and gaze up to the stars

    I'll give thanks for all my blessings and search for more insight

    Still working on my dreams, I’ll make my bed

    And change my head tonight      





  • 02:52 Story Lyrics Help Wanted

    HELP WANTED  Casey Garland


    We are a growth-oriented company,

    expanding markets internationally.

    Recent acquisitions have made stock swell,

    creating a need for some new personnel.


    We seek motivated people,  creative and dynamic,

    out-going,  enthusiastic,  not given to panic.

    Who will thrive on challenge and remain content

    in this fast-paced,  changing environment.


    We need  career minded,  goal setting achievers

    who can work with politicians and civic leaders.

    Must be neat, clean cut with personality,

    Employment drug screening is mandatory.


    Job duties include, but aren't limited to:

    strategic forecasting with a long range view.

    Conceptual estimating and component selection,

    production line driving and virus detection.


    You got to identify hyper critical junctions,

    coordinate groups and maintain support functions.

    Troubleshootin' system architecture is required

    Knowledge of accounting is also desired.


    Now overtime's essential and computer degree

    eager to work nights independently.

    Interpreting key indicators is a must.

    Fluent foreign language is also a plus.


    You need people skills for corporate representation

    Candidates must have their own transportation.

    No absence is permitted for paternity

    You may have to fly out and head overseas.


    Starts at eight bucks an hour but have no fear,

    Ten is easily obtained after only a year.

    If you have a good voice,  keen eye for detail,

    smoking is permitted, if you don't inhale.


    We offer a $100. sign up bonus,

    and early retirement when you join with us.

    One week's vacation granted annually,

    don't miss this exceptional opportunity.


    If you feel your interest and experience are compatible with our requirements,

    please fax, e-mail or upload your resume for consideration. 



    Copyright 2000 Casey Garland

This is a songwriter's album, primarily written and composed by Casey Garland, musician and 40 year veteran whitewater river guide. Together with the considerable talents of Jeff Tassin, George Merrill, Tammy Frost, Leslie D. Shelton, Shalane Miller and Elaine Skeffington, we've recorded this collection of songs for all to enjoy, but particularly for people who have experienced the wonder of wild rivers.

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