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The River Keeps on Flowing...

Hello Everyone! Hola a todos, Bonjour à tous, こんにちは , Hallo!


The moon and the stars have finally aligned and I'm thrilled to publish my first full length audio CD. These 14 songs have been swimming around for quite some time now, awaiting the right karmic connections to bring them out into the world.


My name is Casey Garland and I've been a professional whitewater river outfitter and guide since 1974. I'm so grateful to have shared the thrill, power and righteous scenery of wild rivers with thousands of people from around the globe. Throughout this long journey I've played guitar, honing my skills and songwriting craft so that one day I could share my musical soul and perspective from a life well lived on the rivers.



That time has come and now, with the help of producer extraordinaire Jeff Tassin and special guests George Merrill, Tammy Frost, Leslie D. Shelton, Shalane Miller and Elaine Skeffington,  I have the pleasure of sharing these river songs with you! This is a 'Songwriters Album' with professionally recorded songs and some great players putting their hearts into it. Browse around and have a listen on the ear candy music player or jump into all the songs under the 'Listen and Learn' audio section!


House Concerts are a great way to experience music, stories and a fun evening in the comfort of your home with your friends. I'm developing a house concert tour in 2017 and if you're interested in hosting a get together with 15 to 30 people contact me for details!




Also you can purchase this body of work through iTunes, CD Baby and