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Creating an album of this length and quality is no easy task. In addition to the fabulous musicians who created the sound recording, many people behind the scenes helped contribute to the effort in a variety of ways. Without their faith in me and my music, this record album would never have been created. To these people I owe a debt of gratitude that words can barely convey.

1. Gail Cucksey - my incredibly forgiving landlord. Without her, I'd be out on the street.

2. Mike Grijalva - who's unsolicited support showed up at just the right time.

3. Carol Jimeno - who's support and sense of humor keeps things in perspective.

4. Brogan Thomsen, Andy Foster, Dr. Robert Schwartz - for substantial fiscal contributions.

5. Fred Robbins - Graphic design of the CD.

My private 'Kickstarter' fundraising contributors in August 2014 who made possible the final stages of the album's completion:

Jean Mann, Phil Kincare, Rebecca Post, Alan Kausal, Sherry Hunter, Gretchen Thomsen, Kathleen Gowan, Carol Beers, Jim Bonner, Cammie Sink, Greg Murat, Chris Herman, Jennifer and Dave Tieman, Jerry and Karen Fleet, Mike Daily, Brenda Bunce, Bob Calla, Deb Seymor, Marlene Miller, Tom Schauer, Greg Sutfin, Shannon Rubicam, Thomas Mercer, Kathy Ketcham, Ann Reich, Steve and Jeanette Kuo.

Thank you all so very much! I look forward to hearing your comments on the album!