From the recording The River Keeps on Flowing

Casey's Homemade Jam was written in a pensive mood when trying to wrap my head around politics and corruption. How can our elected congress be so obstructive to forward progress? It's not like there's an infinite amount of time to get a move on people! Why aren't they helping people become productive contributors to society? The world is full of brilliant people held back by this stifling system. I guess it's just plain old greed. The haunting chords and melodies that occasionally resolve reflect despair and hope at the same time. I chose not to write any lyrics for this song because there aren't any printable words that encompass the distain I have for the 530 some elected members of congress who are at the helm of our destiny, just wasting time, feeding the 1% and making themselves wealthier than they already are. You can of course, just ignore my thoughts and enjoy the music for whatever it may mean to you. Perhaps a stroll on a moon lit beach somewhere warm and beautiful?