1. Chinook

From the recording The River Keeps on Flowing

Chinook was one of my first efforts at putting down interesting chords into a song. I had completely forgotten about this song until it was time to fill space on the album. Dang it turned out nice with Jeff putting the gliss on it! I was trying to convey that sense of loss and resignation that you get when you hear about the destructive nature of man. The approaching consequences of deforestation, all forms of pollution and species extinction. Here in the great Pacific Northwest, we care a lot about Salmon. I saw a turn of the century photograph in a museum years ago of men literally walking across the backs of thousands of Chinook (king) salmon trying to get upstream at the mouth of Oregon's Rogue River to spawn. There were more salmon than there was water in the river!

 By now most people realize what's at stake but they, like me, don't know what to do about it other than change our individual behavior. An estimated 100 million tons of plastic and garbage is floating around in Earth's oceans. The largest 'Gyre' in the Pacific Ocean is causing all kinds of grief and death to birds and aquatic life. I have faith in humanity and the younger generation. I don't think they're going to put up with this planet raping much longer. Whether we collectively vote out the politicians who are nothing more than corporate shills or a revolution gives back the power to the people, something big is going to happen to help humanity create a sustainable relationship with the natural world. That's why the end of this song is so upbeat! Keep the faith baby and make sure to vote.


Chinook   Casey Garland

  Free flowin' driftin' away, Wild rivers lets’ keep them that way

 So many rivers to run and so little time

 I was sitting by the river at the break of day,

 Pondered my existence in the usual way

 I was fishing for answers and  rainbow trout

 Trying to understand what it's all about,  I

 Breathed in the morning, smelled the coffee brew

 Sat for a spell,  and watched the morning dew

 disappear like the moment in the warmth of a golden sunrise.


 It seems to me, these rivers are the life blood of our planet

 We need to keep them clean from our debris

 Salmon need a place to breed and flourish while they’re able

 Will they ever return?  When will we ever learn?   Next it may be our turn


Free flowin' driftin' away,       Wild rivers lets'  keep them that way

We can't improve them, best thing,  is just leave them alone.

How long will it go on this way?    Soon or later we'll have to pay

We raped the ocean and poison the stream

Plastic in the ocean it’s so obscene

And now we argue and we debate,  Everybody's knows just what's at stake

I fear it may already be too late


It's clear to me, out in the sea,     it's capture all you're able

What will we leave generations yet to come?

Salmon need recovery and absence from our table, oh

Will they ever return?     When will we ever learn?  Next it may be our turn 
Free flowin' driftin' away,      Wild rivers let's keep them that way

If we act now, collectively      We can avoid catastrophe

and once again the mighty kings,         will spawn upstream

And run to the sea      Please let them be,       let them run