From the recording The River Keeps on Flowing

Colorado Roll On - a Grand Canyon Suite was born in an attempt to capture the feelings and imagery of the monsoon rains in Grand Canyon during late August and early September. While the rains generally evaporate before reaching the river, they do saturate the meadows on top of the canyon. Eventually that water courses down the canyon and back into the Colorado River, sometimes bright red in color as it cascades over the rim. Joining with the river as it has over time, carving the magnificent walls that are testament to the water cycle and a spectacular site to behold.


Colorado Roll On - a Grand Canyon Suite  Casey Garland
In late August, the monsoon rains return to the parched desert
of the American Southwest.
Above the rim of Grand Canyon, storm clouds gather like giant herds of
 buffalo ready to stampede across the sky.
In the meadows, high atop the Colorado plateau, much needed rain soaks the
land. Soon, small rivulets of water form and gather together, each contributing
to the other, growing stronger as they meander inevitably toward the canyon.
Familiar and worn from erosion, the water's path merges brooks into streams,
protected from evaporation. Sometimes at rest in rising pools, at times swiftly
falling, the rain of the monsoon sky carves and courses ever onward, deeper
into the canyon.
Passing through layered stone formations, a billion years old or more, water,
life giving water, has been this way before. Scouring the canyon walls and
blending with larger creeks, it seems the Colorado River is calling them home.
Adventurous souls, deep inside the canyon, watch streaks of rain spilling from
the clouds evaporate, long before reaching the river. Suddenly random spouts
and water falls appear, cascading over the rims and creeks gush out from side
Thunder calls and water falls a glory to behold.
It has been this way since the canyon was formed. The desert is a harsh
place. Only the hardiest people dared live here, like the tenacious plants that
somehow survive. Eventually the ancient ones went away. Like everything
else that exists, everything changes with time.
But the Colorado rolls on. It is the Canyon's song. Destined for the Sea of
Cortez, the walls of the Canyon that rise so grandly above the mighty river,
stand as testament to its journey.

In the bottom of Grand Canyon

Feeling small as a grain of sand.

Surrounded by a work of time,   

not made by human hand.
This  place of speechless wonder

has a power all it's own.

I feel humble reverie, 

in cathedrals carved of stone.


We've all become so caught up,

 in our daily working time

 No wonder when we journey here, 

 it surely clears the mind.

 Pretense fades each passing mile, 

 so far away from home.

There's healing in a simple smile

There's time to be alone.


 Shadows in the moonlight dance upon the sand 

 Magic in the gentle weight of an unseen hand

 Power in the river’s flow, faces in the stone     

 Voices in the echoes when you

 thought you were alone


 Grand Canyon is a magic place,

 you can run but you can't hide.

 It will wash the mask right off your face

and open you up wide.

These hallowed walls speak silently

Majestic pastel  artistry

Rolling thunder in the corridor
Nature's endless symphony
Colorado roll on, it’s a Canyon song