From the recording The River Keeps on Flowing

Desolation Sounds was written while spending two weeks totally alone on Mink Island in the heart of Desolation Sound, British Columbia, Canada. I stayed there working on one of 3 homes on this 800 acre paradise. I ate fresh oysters and watched Orca whales and seals from the deck. Funny, no telemarketers were able to reach me. You ever been totally alone for 2 weeks? George Merrill's voice is golden on lead and background vocals. Pamela Mortensen from Seattle lent her expert didgereedoo chops skillfully to the effort. This song says it all for me and applies to all wilderness seekers, wherever you may roam.


Desolation Sounds   Casey Garland

 We are all so different, yet very much the same

The adventure continues, no matter what your name

So much responsibility in everything we choose                                          

So many possibilities, sometimes I get confused


There comes a time when, I’ve just got to go

Leave behind those old familiar roads

I go out where it’s hard to be found

Somewhere out there…  Desolation Sounds


We are still evolving blessed with a clever mind

Planted in this garden, given only so much time       

I’ve tried nearly everything to make good feelings stay

Still I feel empty when my dreams they go astray


There comes a time when I’ve just got to go

Leave behind familiar things I know

I go out where the source is all around

Only in lonely... Desolation Sounds


We are connected to the sound

It’s a sound that’s heard the world ‘round

Somewhere out there Desolation Sounds


I can sail to the islands, taste the salty ocean breeze 

Run rivers through the forest, deep in the evergreens.

Sunrise paints a desert sky, purple, red and gold                                          

Thunder calls and water falls, a glory to behold


It is all such a splendid mystery

The more we know, the more there is to see

When I feel lost and I’m looking to be found

I get out somewhere far away from town

I go to where the beauty is profound
Somewhere near you, only in lonely, somewhere out there

Desolation Sounds     


We are connected to the sound

It’s a sound that’s heard the world ‘round

Somewhere out there Desolation Sounds
 Get on out of town, you can feel it all around you
Only out there Desolation Sounds