From the recording The River Keeps on Flowing

Does the Wet Suit You? Did you know that the noun for a group of Penguins on land is called a 'waddle' and a group at sea is called a 'raft'? I was looking for the right noun for the song and looked on the web to find a penguin expert. As it turned out, I got this guy on his cell phone just as he was getting off a jet from a conference in South America. You guessed it, a penguin conference where they had actually just decided upon the appropriate noun for penguins on land, sea and birthing 'rookerie'. Karmachanics.


I wanted to script a song that approximated what typically happens when people go on their first commercial river rafting trip. As a veteran guide, I see this all the time. The guys come in all bravado and their girlfriends are willing to go along but a bit more reserved. As a part of any well conducted river trip, there's always the mandatory safety briefing or orientation in which people learn the basic 'how to' rules and to follow the guides' direction and safety procedures. When they learn the actual risks involved up to and including the possibility of death, the atmosphere changes dramatically from 'bravado' to cautious curiosity. Once they've put on the wet suits, life jackets, helmets and loaded into the raft it's a bit late to turn back and the adventure begins! Of course after about 10 minutes on the water they start to realize that we actually have a great deal of control over the boat and this could shape up to be a ton of fun. Camaraderie and bravado ensue. Does the wet suit you?

I stole the title of this song fair and square from a book written by NW kayaker and author Whit Deschner :-)


Does the Wet Suit You?  Casey Garland

Took a little trip just the other day.

Played hooky from work and got out of the fray.     

Drove out to the mountains, got on a river trip.   

Smelled the evergreens, I heard that river rip-pin' by my o my


I’ve dreamed about floating and now it was time.

"Great  adrenaline hit."  said a buddy of mine.
Squeezed into a wetsuit, then I had to hit the can.

We looked like a “waddle” of Penguin clan.      

Our guide yelled "listen up! If you don't want to die."

I looked at my girlfriend, she was ready to cry.

He told us all about the things that we should do

Cause we didn't know what we were gettin' into.


Does the wet suit you?  Do you love it under skies so blue?

Does the wet suit you?    When the water is thrashin',  leaping up and crashin’

Looking’ like it wants to swallow you. Does the wet suit you?  


It only seemed to take a rapid or two

In no time at all, yeah, we looked like a crew.

Blastin' through the rapids,turning left and right

Adrenaline hit, Hey! my buddy was right. 

By the end of the day I just wanted to stay,

Having fun I was locked in the groove.

Righteous scenery was blowing my mind.

Can't recall ever having such a good time.

We had serious fun and tipped our guide.

Man, he really gave us one hell of a ride.

Started out about to freak, now I'll be back next week,

I'll buy a T-Shirt and a CD too!


Does the wet suit you?   Do you love it when the water is cool?

Does the wet suit you? When the river's stimulatin', your heart's palpitatin'
and you just got to paddle on through.

Does the wet suit you?  Do you love it when your lips turn blue?

Does the wet suit you?  If it rains and you're ecstatic, you're a whitewater addict

Looking’ for some river to do

Then the wet suits you and

When the wet suits you.  Only one thing to do

When the wet suits you, grab your rubber tuxedo, riding rapids is your credo

and head out for the river nearest you.

Does the wet suit you?  Does the wet suit you?   Does the wet suit you?