1. Get Outside!

From the recording The River Keeps on Flowing

Get Outside! is my flagship song and the story of my life. A song for outdoor adventurers of any stripe. As a kid and like a dog, all I ever wanted to do was be outside doing something, anything with some adventure to it. In a way my mom was probably responsible for this title because with a house full of kids she would yell Get Outside! After doing all the typical main stream sports and a few summers of fly fishing and hang gliding, I settled into whitewater rafting and kayaking as a career. Now, 40 years later, it's all history and I'm so glad I chose to invite the outdoors into my time this way. Not only is it beautiful, it's about as much fun as you can have with your pants on ;-)


Get Outside!  Casey Garland

You got stress and life’s a mess
Feel like you’re swimming upstream
Times are tough and it’s enough
To make you scream
Other people making your choices
Feel like you’re losing control
All the doors are closed, and life just blows
Are you ready for a change of scene?
I’ll take you to the river
Yes, I’ll take you for a ride
I’ll take you to the river
See the light shine in your eyes
Never lose your sense of adventure
All ways let your spirit fly
Have some fun and get outside
Spending plenty and feeling empty
Affluenza got you on the run?
Tied up in knots, seems you forgot
How to have some fun
You can’t sit still for moment
You get bored so easily
There’s so much more
Let go of the shore
and head downstream
Carried along by the current
Trees swaying in the breeze
Floating sure beats swimming
up against the stream
Laughing and you’re feeling good
That smile looks good on you
Next time the blues come calling
You’ll remember what to do
Always chose it, don’t lose it
You never know what you will find
There’s so much more when you
Get outdoors and
Discover peace of mind
Never lose your sense of adventure
All ways let your spirit fly
Have some fun and get out, yes
Take someone and Lord work it out
Have some fun and get outside.