1. Insight Out

From the recording The River Keeps on Flowing

Insight Out is a song of personal discovery. While the song is complete, I'm still working on the higher consciousness part! I've found my greatest peace in the challenge and solitude of outdoor recreation. There comes a time in life when you realize that you can't control the world outside of yourself. Your only hope to effect change in the world is to change your own perceptions from within. Connection with the source, the great healer and teacher is within us all. Simply put, if everyone would live by the Golden Rule 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' i.e. love, this world would be a cosmically cool place to spend our lives.


Insight Out    Casey Garland


In the innocence of my youth, thought I had a clue

Ready for the journey, I struck out for the truth

I was working on my dreams, when I was just a teen            


Climbed on board, took hold of the oars

pulled into the stream

The currents were strong, I did some things wrong.

Looking back I was pretty green


In time I found safe routes to take

which clinging holes to miss.

In mid-stream now, I'm halfway home.

I’ve learned from suffering and bliss


Insight out, Insight out


Tried to shape the future, change the world outside of me

Seldom swam below the surface, where the river's running deep

When I dove down inside those deep and lonely river blues,

Crying out for mercy, love you gave another clue


The universal law of thought, creation from our dreams

Rises to the surface, good, bad and in-between

Ecstasy or misery, we shape our sub-routine                


Insight out, Insight out


Tonight I'll stay in the wilderness, on a moon lit river bar

Once again I'll sleep outside and gaze up to the stars

I'll give thanks for all my blessings and search for more insight

Still working on my dreams, I’ll make my bed

And change my head tonight