From the recording The River Keeps on Flowing

River Afternoon was my first song written way back in 1978. I started my whitewater career in 1974 as one of 3 owners of Sundance Expeditions, a rafting and kayaking company on the beautiful Rogue River in southern Oregon. I left there in 1978 and I wanted to memorialize my time there in a song. One night jamming around with Steve Moddemeyer in Seattle I wrote the structure and Steve came up with some partial lyrics. That's as far as it went until some pre-production work occurred with Grant Stott in 2002. Originally titled Rogue River Afternoon, I made it more generic and Jeff took it to it's current form, beautifully reflecting my feelings about the care free life style of floating wild and scenic rivers.


RIVER AFTERNOON  Casey Garland, Steve Modameyer 

 Floating down this River on a summer day

 singing out this happy song

 All the clouds have drifted out of sight    

 sun is shining, wind is calm

 Yeah  we're driftin' on this River after-noon                  

 Oh, lazy,  warm and gentle afternoon  

 Osprey soar above us, we drift below in graceful motion

 In harmony,       nothin' matters,   today we're  free

 I’ll just keep on singing   this  melody 

 la la la la la la


 Now we're driftin' on this River after-noon

 Oh, lazy  warm and gentle afternoon           

 Osprey soar above us, we drift below in graceful motion

 To the sea, ain’t got no worries,  I  feel  free

 I’ll just keep on singing     this melody     

 la la la la la la 

 Ahhh Ahhh OOhhh