From the recording The River Keeps on Flowing

The River Keeps on Flowing is a wonderful collaboration between Rob Lynch, Yakima Valley fruit farmer and kayaker, Casey, George and Jeff. I was returning from a Klickitat River trip and stopped by to see my friend Rob's new home on the banks of the Yakima River. While there I noticed a large greeting card on a table and picked it up to read it. Rob had written inside a huge poem that was actually a wedding proposal to his fiancé. I thought it was pretty good writing and asked Rob if I could take it home and edit it into a song. Thankfully he said yes! I put on my editors hat and went to work crunching it down into a song and changing some words here and there. Next I sent it down to George to see if he would put some music to it and within a short period of time he came back with this most excellent, anthem of a love song.


Without Rob knowing, I got the lyrics and recorded song to the band that was to play at his upcoming wedding. They learned the song and on the evening of the wedding reception, called the audience to attention and announced that they were going to play a special song for the newlyweds. I grabbed Rob by the arm and marched him up to the stage telling him to say the magic proposal words when the song came to that point and he did it! The crowd went wild and the rest is history. Later I changed the bride's name to be a more generic 'darlin' rather than her real name. I decided long ago that this would be the title cut of the album. Jeff did a great job filling in all the bass, drums and other instruments without stepping on George's stellar vocals and keyboard work. It's a fitting anthem for any marriage.


THE RIVER KEEPS ON FLOWING  Rob Lynch, Casey Garland, George Merrill

For perhaps 5 billion years or more

the world has been a changing

Nothing is for good or bad

just constant rearranging

But as it has and always will keep

the world around it growing

In it’s own magic, peaceful way

the river  keeps on flowing, the river keeps on flowing


Born of Ocean Mother and Father Sky

we sprout up like a creek

And spend our lives in search of love

with eyes designed to seek

Sometimes life mirrors the river grand

calm water and rapids steep

I only need to look around and

find what’s right to keep, my eyes equipped to seek

Around us now it’s cold outside

on the river ice is growing                      

But in its silent, determined way

the river keeps on flowing, the river keeps on flowing


Learn we must as life evolves

whitewater seems like a test

Excitement makes the zest of life

then quiet resolves to rest

My world has had its ups and downs

but with you I just keep going

Like the river in our lives today

my love for you keeps growing, and the river keeps on flowing


In one short year as seasons changed

we’ve lived through joy and strife

There’s no one I’d rather spend time with

darling please be my wife

We may never travel the world around

our wealth may not be gold

But if the waters inside us merge

our love will surely flow

For as it has and always will

with stars up high a glowing

In its’ own magic, peaceful way

the river keeps on flowing,  the river keeps on flowing

Copyright 2000 Rob Lynch, Casey Garland, George Merrill